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Our various storage boxes vary between 1 and 50 m² in size, so that everyone can find the optimal storage space for the amount of things to be stored. According to our experience, customers often overestimate the required storage space many times over. So you would rent more space than you actually need. But not with Top Box!

Benötigte Raumgröße:

Have you determined the space you need? Then it goes on here

If you still have any doubts, you can follow the rules below, or contact our customer support directly by phone (8000 7 80000) or via contact form.

1. RULE – 1:10

Divide the area of the apartment that you want to free of unused things by 10. This is about the size of the storage box that you need.

2. RULE – Addition

Add the area of the indivisible elements. This is, for example, upholstered furniture that should keep its original appearance after storage. In this case, this furniture should be stored in such a way that no heavy boxes or other things are deposited on it. This area is considered separately and added to the area calculated in rule

As an example:

For a 2 seater sofa we add 2 m²

For a 3 seater sofa we add 3 m²

And so on …

3. Rule – Space Management

Leave room for an aisle if you plan to take things out of the box regularly. In order to save space, you can fill the box completely up to the ceiling, but then it will be difficult to get hold of certain things. Therefore, think about an aisle width of 0.5 m and the required aisle length.

Has it worked now? Then it goes on:

Use our smart storage room calculator here on our Top Box website. First select the Top Box location near you. Then specify whether you want to rent as a private or commercial customer. Now you can enter the area you want to rent in m² on the price calculator scale. Please note that the price may vary depending on the box type.

For a subsequent offer preparation, just contact our stuff at the respective location. Our experts will guide you through the next steps and will be happy to answer any further questions.

We won’t just help you calculate the square meters, but also optimally place your belongings in the rented box.

If you are already our customer and the size of your storage box is no longer suitable for your current storage needs during your rental period, you can switch to a larger or smaller variant at any time – without additional costs.

Convince yourself: The modern principle of self storage solves every storage problem, whether private or business property. With Top Box you will always find the ideal storage option at an optimal price.


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