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Is the rental of storage boxes simple according to the self-storage principle? Is every provider always the same in his offer? Wrong! We distinguish ourselves from other warehouse providers through a variety of services relating to our products. Here is an overview of our product portfolio:

Private storage

The classic and our core business: The popular storage boxes

As a private person, we offer you clean and safe storage compartments in variable sizes from 1 bis 50 m². Ideal for short-term interim storage with a minimum rental period of one month, up to the storage of all your personal belongings for years. We offer you maximum comfort in terms of self-storage at fair price at all of our warehouse locations – Wiesbaden, Duisburg, Mannheim, Cologne, Essen. In addition to the variety of already existing storage compartments with fixed square meter sizes, we also have the option of “reconfiguring” an individual box for you on your request. Just contact us if you have any special wishes and requirements. 

Commercial storage

We are also available for your business: Benefit now from our B2B business model. Since we are a company ourselves, we know exactly which listings are important for companies in the storage area.

Short-term storage: Are you looking for easily accessible, clean and affordable storage space for temporary storage of your things due to reorganization, move or renovation in your company? We at Top Box, with our services, have the optimal solution for you at each of our modern warehouses! Long-term storage: Set up your own external warehouse with us: Enjoy flexible access times for you and your employees, complete security of your stored goods and optimal climatic conditions. 


The flexible range of system solutions is the great strength of Top Box in the eyes of our customers. Because we also offer you modern office space at each of our locations in addition to our storage options. We help you to build up your business or to expand it further. We offer you interesting discount options for the combination of both services, just contact us.

Additional services

How do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors and ordinary providers of storage space? Top Box offers its customers a wide range of additional services related to self-storage. In addition to the complementary products such as office space or open space workplaces and coworking, we support you at each of our warehouse locations with plenty of useful extras 


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