Private Lagerung

If there is one thing certain in life, it is that nothing is certain:

Are you wondering why you even need self storage as a private person? Countless changing life situations can occur that were not planned in this way. Often these also cause unexpected circumstances. If you keep the possibility of flexible external storage in mind, this can ultimately alleviate problems or even solve them completely. 

Proven cases from practice

When we can help you with self storage:

  • Your apartment is too small

    “It’s unbelievable what has accumulated here over the years“. Everyone knows this phrase. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to get rid of old things that have accompanied you for years or even decades or that you want to preserve for posterity. We offer you the opportunity to store these beloved but unnecessary things safely with us in your own storeroom.

  • You are moving

    Life is dynamic and requires constant movement. Big private changes like moving have become part of everyday life in our society. And the question comes up every time: Where should I store my furniture and equipment while moving or looking for an apartment? We have the answer: At Top Box!

  • It’s time to renovate your home

    Is there work in your own home that is long overdue? Or do you completely renovate your newly bought house? Store all your things with us during this stressful period so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

  • You are starting a semester abroad

    A stay abroad is nowadays a “compulsory program” for many students and courses of studies. Often these decisions are made relatively quickly and the room in a shared apartment has to be terminated prior to departure for cost-related reasons until you return. The question quickly comes up: What to do with all the furniture and equipment?

  • You don’t have a basement or a garage

    You moved to the city centre because of your new job. You live on the upper floor with a stunning view from your balcony. However, it is not covered and generally too small to store bulky things for a long time. Wouldn’t something like a basement room or a garage now be just the thing?

  • You have no place to store your tires

    The garage is too small and the is only accessible through a small narrow staircase. The storage of tires becomes an unnecessary stress every year! Top Box is the adequate answer to any storage purpose.

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